Dawn Marsh – Athens, Georgia

Greetings Everyone,

While I’m not traveling with the Purdue crew this summer (who can top that Louisiana snowball research form 2011?), I am doing a lot of traveling this summer. So I thought I’d throw out my first entry. After finishing the spring semester, going right into teaching Maymester, I’m taking a short break visiting my daughter Whitney in Athens, Georgia. Most of you know she’s a chef and has a restaurant called Farm 255 in Athens. This week she was honored at a big Atlanta event and won an award for Rising Star Chef. So I came down to join in the festivities. Whitney’s restaurant centers on “farm to table” philosophy. The restaurant relies on local small farmers  using their own ethically raised meats from Moonshine Farms. But of course it wasn’t all fun and games. Whitney and the other award winners cooked for 500 guests who got to sample their food. While she did get me the VIP pass (free champagne!) I had to earn my keep by slicing a heck of a lot of beets. Left me with pink fingers.

I’ve attached a couple photos, Whitney and her partner Ben cooking at the event and also one shot of her restaurant in Athens. I’ll be heading back to Lafayette tomorrow but before long I’ll be off to China for the rest of the summer. Adventures ahead. I hope y’all are enjoying the northern plains, a truly beautiful place with so many stories written on the landscape and faces of the people who call it home. Be sure to share your stories. I look forward to reading them.

Also, if you ever find yourself in Athens, Georgia be sure to stop in Farm 255 and ask for Whitney Otawka. Tell them her mom sent ya!

Dr. Dawn Marsh
Department of History

Whitney & Ben

Farm 255.  Ask for Whitney!!

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